Massage Therapy

Massage treatments nourish the skin with pure coconut oils and body creams, ease muscle tension, help to restore the body’s balance, promote lymphatic movement, and help circadian rhythms’ adjust to time zone shifts.

Upgrade your Kauai Massage and Facial Experience:

  • Aromatherapy with pure botanical essential oils – $15
  • Warm coconut oil scalp massage – $20
  • Arnica or Noni gel spot application – $20
  • Pohaku Hot Stone upgrade – $25
  • Seasonal hand or foot polish – $25

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Ancient techniques have been handed down through generations through elders and kumu (teachers). Long, gliding strokes using the forearm and gentle rhythmic motions make this our most sought after massage.
$140/50min $190/80min

Classic Swedish Massage

Traditional Western style massage designed to alleviate muscle tension, promote relaxation, and increase circulation.
$140/50min $190/80min

Prenatal (Hapai) Massage

A nurturing and relaxing massage for the mother to be. Special attention is given to comfort and stage of pregnancy, helping to ease pregnancy related physical changes including back pain, sciatica, edema (swelling), and muscle spasms. Deep pressure is contraindicated in pregnancy; this is a gentle to medium pressure treatment.

Deep Lomi Lomi Massage

Perfect for guests who need a firmer, more intense treatment, but want to enjoy all the benefits of a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi experience.
$160/50min $215/80min

Sports Massage

Promotes improved range of motion and flexibility, targeting different muscles groups for golf, tennis, running & hiking, and surfing.
$160/50min $215/80min

Deep Tissue Massage

Guests who are accustomed to deeper pressure with specific muscle attention will enjoy this treatment. Ideal for trigger point spasms and deeper muscular issues.
$160/50min $215/80min

Pohaku Warm Stone Ritual

Experience warm basalt river stones gently penetrating muscle tissue, easing away stress and travel related tensions. A sensory journey of harmony and rebalance for the senses.
$160/50min $215/80min